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January 2011

Case Study: Closing More Sales in Less Time

Case Study: Closing More Sales in Less Time 900 599 Kari Switala

Being in the construction industry, especially in the state of Minnesota is challenging, because many contractors get the bulk of their bids during their busiest season. One of my clients recently came to me because he was frustrated with his sales process (or lack thereof) and his closing ratio (1 out of 30). As a small business owner, he was strapped for time and needed a better solution.

Results:  Together we developed an automated email follow-up campaign that would help him keep track of his prospects, shorten his sales cycle and help him close more sales too.  We did this by creating a 7-day campaign, which started off with a thank you email. The second email communication included an article on how to hire the right contractor. The last email thanked the prospect for the opportunity to provide them with a quote and indicated that my client would be calling them to follow up in the next day or two. The key piece with these campaigns is when the campaign is complete it triggers an email reminder to my client to call the prospect!

Case Study: Too Many Prospects too Little Time

Case Study: Too Many Prospects too Little Time 900 600 Kari Switala

One of my clients came to me because she realized she was probably leaving money on the table by not staying in touch with her clients and prospects on a regular basis. As a health insurance broker she has a lot of contacts, clients and prospects, about 2500 to be exact. How does she stay in touch with them so if they need her services they think of her?


Solution: E-Newsletter – inexpensive and cost-effective


Results: After just one e-newsletter she had more business than she could handle. She made arrangements in her calendar to accommodate 3-4 days for prospect follow-up after each newsletter goes out. The end result is not only is she generating new and repeat business she is also helping to educate her clients too. A win-win solution!

Case Study: Filling Your Pipeline

Case Study: Filling Your Pipeline 900 597 brianjohnson

Generating a steady flow of referrals can be challenging, especially with all of the new technologies/social media channels out there. Still to this day, one of the best ways to fill your pipeline is by giving first and not asking for anything in return. The Law of Reciprocity! A client of mine recently implemented this strategy in his business.


Solution: Free seminar—cost-effective and increases credibility/awareness


Results: Together we identified his two main prospects. With the prospects identified, he was able to reach out to a few and ask what challenges they were currently facing in their business. Low and behold, MARKETING was at the top of their list, fortunately for me.


I created a seminar geared specifically to his prospects and their needs. We put together all of the marketing materials and noted my client as the sponsor. We then marketed the event to his prospects and generated quite a return. At the event, he not only had an opportunity to network with those prospects, he was also able to introduce the event and his company and close the seminar too. To top it off he held a happy hour/networking event afterwards. The result was a lot of new prospects and an initial step towards building a relationship with these prospects.