Case Study: Closing More Sales in Less Time

Case Study: Closing More Sales in Less Time 900 599 Kari Switala

Being in the construction industry, especially in the state of Minnesota is challenging, because many contractors get the bulk of their bids during their busiest season. One of my clients recently came to me because he was frustrated with his sales process (or lack thereof) and his closing ratio (1 out of 30). As a small business owner, he was strapped for time and needed a better solution.

Results:  Together we developed an automated email follow-up campaign that would help him keep track of his prospects, shorten his sales cycle and help him close more sales too.  We did this by creating a 7-day campaign, which started off with a thank you email. The second email communication included an article on how to hire the right contractor. The last email thanked the prospect for the opportunity to provide them with a quote and indicated that my client would be calling them to follow up in the next day or two. The key piece with these campaigns is when the campaign is complete it triggers an email reminder to my client to call the prospect!

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