Case Study: Filling Your Pipeline

Case Study: Filling Your Pipeline 900 597 brianjohnson

Generating a steady flow of referrals can be challenging, especially with all of the new technologies/social media channels out there. Still to this day, one of the best ways to fill your pipeline is by giving first and not asking for anything in return. The Law of Reciprocity! A client of mine recently implemented this strategy in his business.


Solution: Free seminar—cost-effective and increases credibility/awareness


Results: Together we identified his two main prospects. With the prospects identified, he was able to reach out to a few and ask what challenges they were currently facing in their business. Low and behold, MARKETING was at the top of their list, fortunately for me.


I created a seminar geared specifically to his prospects and their needs. We put together all of the marketing materials and noted my client as the sponsor. We then marketed the event to his prospects and generated quite a return. At the event, he not only had an opportunity to network with those prospects, he was also able to introduce the event and his company and close the seminar too. To top it off he held a happy hour/networking event afterwards. The result was a lot of new prospects and an initial step towards building a relationship with these prospects.

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