Hummus, Apple Chips & Birthday Cake…What Do They Have in Common?

Hummus, Apple Chips & Birthday Cake…What Do They Have in Common? 900 600 Kari Switala

images-1What do these 3 items have in common? They are three things you can purchase at Target and all play a role in smart marketing. Yesterday I went to Target to pick up a few random items. One of which was a package of birthday invitations…the second item was going to be hummus. You’re probably wondering where I am going with this…stick with me for just another minute.

When I got to Target I was thirsty and hungry for a snack. I went to their Food Court and ordered a diet coke and hummus. The clerk informed me that they don’t carry hummus anymore, but they have apple chips and she said I’d love them. As much as I appreciated the suggestion, I thought…hmm, why would she suggest the apple chips? Are hummus and apple chips interchangeable? Not in my world. I thanked her for her recommendation and proceeded to think…if she had made a recommendation similar to the item I wanted, I would have bought it. Instead, I just bought my diet coke and went on with my shopping. Now granted, I know that she is not a business owner and probably isn’t concerned with marketing, but if she was, she missed out on an opportunity to sell more!

Fast forward to the end of my shopping experience at Target, which is always somewhat bittersweet as I am a HUGE FAN of Target and LOVE shopping there. The cashier processes my order and hands me my receipt along with some coupons for future use. When I got home I looked at the coupons and laughed. Remember, one of the items I purchased were birthday invitations for my 10 year old and the coupons were for party favors, cake and picture developing. How smart are they? Even though this was a computer generated thought, put together by multiple corporate employees, I appreciated the gesture and the fact that they gave me coupons I could/would actually use.

Are you using smart marketing strategies in your business? Are you taking the time to identify your customer’s needs and making suggestions accordingly? One of the tools I use for smart marketing is called InfusionSoft. My favorite part of using InfusionSoft is having the opportunity to dig deeper with my prospects and clients to find out what interests them so I can custom tailor the information they receive from me. Making it personal vs. simply suggesting a bag of apple chips.

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