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October 2013

Making Social Simple…Is That Even Possible?

Making Social Simple…Is That Even Possible? 900 600 Kari Switala

If you are currently using social media, you probably just choked when you read the title of this blog. I understand where you are coming from and I would agree that social media is anything but simple! One of the biggest frustrations I hear from small business owners is what kind of content should I post on my social media channels? And should I be posting different content on each of my social media platforms? I could literally write a 98 page blog on this topic, however, I know you’re not going to read 98 pages, much less 9 paragraphs. For simplicity sake, I’m going to address the first question.

1. Put yourself in your client’s shoes…think, what kind of information would you want and what would be of interest to you?

2. Think about how you can showcase your expertise without selling yourself? One way to do this is to post a case study or a client success story, where you are focusing on the client..not you.

3. Write down a list of the most frequently asked questions you hear from your clients and prospects and use this information as posting material. This can be a phenomenal sales strategy if it’s done right!

4. Use themes to make finding and posting content easier. For example, I came up with the following daily themes for my social media posts that I will be launching this month. Each day represents a different aspect of my business and allows me to convey that information to my clients and prospects in a fun and engaging way.

  • Magnetik Monday: Feature articles (both my own and others) on client retention
  • Tools-day: Highlight cool marketing tools/apps
  • Work-It Wednesday: Post strategies and ideas for prospecting and attracting new clients
  • Thursday Social: Tips on how to increase your social media presence and sharing my peers posts as well
  • Friday Feature: Showcase a client, referral partner or local business


Can you see how using themes might make your posting easier? One final thought for you to consider…take a sheet of paper and write down a list of the 12 months. Next to each month, write down what products/services you provide that would fit well with that month. This strategy will help you figure out an overall theme for the month and then you can break it down from there.

Happy Posting!

PS…If you would like to get some fun graphics for your social media channels. Contact my friend Rebecca Metz!