Finding the BEST Gifts for Your Clients!

Finding the BEST Gifts for Your Clients! 900 600 Kari Switala


Guest Blogger:  Deb Brown, founder of Touch Your Client’s Heart

I am often asked what the best gift is to give a client.  The best gift to give to a client depends on three things:

1. Who your client is.

2. What you do.

3. What your budget is.

It is important to know who your client is.   A gift will only make a big impact if it is a good match for the demographic of your ideal client. Businesses that target women should choose a different gift

from those who target men. If you target families, should give a different gift than if you’re targeting single, 20-something-year-olds. It really depends on the demographic of the people as to what is going to make a meaningful, impactful gift.

Understanding what you do and why your clients come to you is another key to finding the best gift for them.  A meaningful, impactful gift will relate to what you do. Think about the service that you provide for your clients and relate it to that. Whatever they come to you for is important to them.  While giving them your service for free would not be a good business practice, finding a gift that relates to what you do will make a connection to them.  If you are a massage therapist and your clients come to you for relaxation, giving them something peaceful and relaxing like bath salts or lotion will align with your business and be more meaningful to them.

The third key to finding the best gift is your budget. Your budget can range anywhere from a low-cost gift that’s ten dollars up to hundreds of dollars. It really depends on how much your clients are investing in you. For a client who doesn’t spend a lot of money on your service, don’t feel obligated to spend a lot of money on them.  It is most important that you recognize the top clients in your business.  If a client is investing highly in your business, reward them appropriately.  When considering budget, always make sure you are aware of any legal constraints in your industry.  If there is a spending cap, make sure you stay under it.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a big impact. You just have to make sure you incorporate all three of these things to make the biggest impact. Decide on a budget and pick a gift that relates to who your client is and the service you’re providing. When you combine all three of those things, you can pick the perfect gift for your clients.

Deb Brown is the founder of Touch Your Client’s Heart, a client appreciation company.  We believe the key to client retention and word of mouth referrals is as simple as client appreciation gifts, but it must be done the right way. To find out HOW to WOW your clients, go to

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