Are You Missing an Opportunity?

Are You Missing an Opportunity? 900 600 Kari Switala

I recently hosted an in-home women’s clothing party. Timing of this event could not have been any better, as it was the night before my presentation on “Increasing Your Referral Opportunity”.

Let me set the stage. It was 6:00 on a Wednesday night and I had wine, chocolate treats, and fun appetizers for guests. One by one, women filtered into the room. They were curious about the clothes, but reluctant about being the first to try them on. Sensing the hesitation, I broke the ice and grabbed several items of clothing. Within minutes, all fifteen women were digging through shirts, pants, jackets, and dresses. Soon, we were in the midst of a teenage girl’s room.  Clothes and hangers were strewn everywhere. You could feel the excitement.

After assembling various treasures, guests were directed to the dreaded payment chair. Instantly, the mood changed in the room. It was the dose of reality we all have when spending “a little bit more” than originally intended (aka the Costco condition).

What happened next took me by surprise. Immediately following payment, guests became giddy once again and excited about the arrival of their purchases. Sensing this upswing of emotion, the clothing representative took advantage of the opportunity and delivered her call to action.  Guests were asked to host future parties in exchange for free clothing. Obviously, this company had researched the best time to open the door for future sales and had trained consultants to strike when the opportunity presented itself. Brilliant, I say, just brilliant!

Okay Kari, nice story, but what’s the point? The lesson to be learned… take a moment to look at your sales process.  Are you missing key opportunities to ask for more business, a referral, a testimonial? More than likely, you’re missing numerous chances to build future business.

Take fifteen minutes today to list your sales process from start to finish. Put a star by those areas where you receive the most positive response from customers. Those stars indicate key opportunities to deliver your call to action. Just ask! 


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