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January 2015

Fascinate Your Prospects

Fascinate Your Prospects 321 321 Kari Switala

Guest Blogger: Tara Schmakel, The Once Timid Networker

“In a competitive environment, the most fascinating option always wins. Always.”- Sally Hogshead

We have only seconds to capture someone’s attention and when we do, we want to keep it. However there are many things that get in the way of keeping our targets attention. Distraction, commoditization and competition will take a person who seems to be interested in a whole other direction. But how can we overcome these obstacles and keep our target’s attention?

We learn how we Fascinate.

The science of Fascination, developed by Sally Hogshead, has changed the face of communication and marketing over the last several years. When creating our marketing materials or networking, wouldn’t it be great to know how YOU fascinate? What if you could easily capture attention and keep it when communicating your marketing message, either face to face or in your written material? What if you had some key words and phrases at your fingertips that are descriptive of you at your best so that you could win more client opportunities and more business? Learning how you Fascinate will do that and more.

Clients that I work with who use Fascination in their marketing and communication have given testimony to easier sales meetings, a better clientele and more closed business. If you would like to learn more, please take 3 minutes to learn how you Fascinate and obtain your personalized 14 page report!