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June 2015

Lemonade Stands Are on the Rise!

Lemonade Stands Are on the Rise! 900 600 Kari Switala

It’s summertime in Minnesota…which means we can finally exchange our winter boots and icy roads for flip flops and road construction. In our neighborhood we are fortunate enough (insert sarcastic look here) to have 2 of the 3 entrances to our neighborhood closed due to major road construction projects for the entire summer.

While us adults continue to whine and complain about the increased traffic and extra drive time, the kids in the neighborhood saw something else. They saw an OPPORTUNITY and suddenly lemonade and beverage stands started popping up everywhere!

These aren’t just any lemonade stands either. These kids have truly embraced the power of marketing and suggestive selling with their large chalk signs that expand the length of the roadway and direct the traffic right to their stand.

In addition, to the traditional lemonade offerings, they’ve also expanded their products to include other adult-friendly items to help lure both kids and adults. But that’s not all…

As more and more stands started popping up, these lemonade entrepreneurs saw the need to differentiate themselves from their competitors with innovative signs and decor. I absolutely love their ingenuity and seeing how similar their lemonade stands are to our own small businesses.

Here are 3 key lessons we can learn from these lemonade entrepreneurs:

1. Keep your eyes and ears open for new opportunities or potential product/service offerings your clients and prospects may need.

2. Let your clients and prospects know about your products and keep them informed with well-crafted marketing messages that speak to them and their needs.

3. Differentiate yourself from your competition by clearly showing or communicating how you are different and what sets you apart!

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