3 Tips to Avoid Running on Empty This Summer

3 Tips to Avoid Running on Empty This Summer 900 600 Amy Judge

You spend hours every summer gassing up the car, gassing up the boat, and gassing up the lawn mower. How many hours do you spend filling up your own tank?

For many business owners in Minnesota, work doesn’t slow down when the weather’s nice and you’d rather be up at the cabin. It can be easy to get so caught up in driving your business forward that you wind up running on empty. Here are a few of the ways the Wild Fig Marketing team stays topped up so we’re always at our best for our clients.

1. Lean on Your Support Team
And we just don’t mean the outstanding staff you’ve surrounded yourself with at work. Take a moment to identify the people who are always in your corner. They could be your spouse, your kids, your friends, or your coworkers. These are the people you should turn to when things shift into high gear, whether you go grab a cup of coffee together or a take a short walk through your neighborhood.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Unplug
We simply don’t do this enough. Even when we’re at the cabin or on vacation, we check email and even respond to client calls. The truth is, these calls and emails can wait, even if it’s just for an hour. And often, our business is the better for it. Give yourself a moment during the day to unplug and recharge, even if it’s just to walk down the block to grab a snack. Rely on the team you’ve built to manage the business while you’re away for a long weekend or week at the cabin.

3. Play to Your Strengths (and Outsource the Rest)
When you are doing what you love and what you do well, you’re more efficient and less likely to feel like work is a chore. Identify what your strengths and skills are, and then make a list of the things you’d rather not (or can’t) do yourself but know are important, like marketing and accounting. If you have team members with the skills to complete these tasks, great! If you don’t, it’s time to outsource.

Wild Fig Marketing can help you automate your marketing efforts so you can focus on the things you do best. To schedule your consultation, give us a call or book your appointment online.

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