Should You Outsource Your Content Creation?

Should You Outsource Your Content Creation? 900 601 Kari Switala

The internet is a battleground–for attention.

Today’s businesses know they need to share vivid, engaging content to capture that attention, attract customers, and differentiate themselves from the competition. Generating an ongoing variety of quality content on a regular basis is crucial.

In an ideal world, your in-house experts would also be skilled writers with time on their hands and a broad knowledge of marketing and social media tools. If that’s not your reality, consider outsourcing your content creation.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 44% of B2B marketers outsource content creation. Further, up to 57% of B2B technology marketers outsource content design, editing, writing, and even distribution activities.

There are plenty of arguments for outsourcing content creation, especially for smaller, leaner companies.

  • A content specialist has built-in flexibility: If you need to scale your content marketing efforts up or down quickly, you won’t have to hire or dismiss full-time staff, and your staff won’t be either overloaded or spinning their wheels. You can be more nimble–jumping on market trends, trying new strategies and reacting to industry changes.
  • Your internal authorities may have top-level skills in their specialties, whether engineering, design or finance–but lack the communication skills to capture audience interest and convey the information cohesively.
  • A specialist will view your business from a valuable fresh perspective, identifying compelling topics or new strategies that may have escaped your attention.
  • An outside expert has the experience to experiment with a wide variety of content; the tools to analyze which types are most effective for different goals; and the skills to evaluate results.
  • A specialist knows how to craft calls to action and landing pages calculated to convert casual visitors into leads.
  • Outside experts often have access to technical tools, and the experience to get the most from them, which would be prohibitive to adopt internally. Whether it’s proprietary software or simply the savvy to extract valuable info from Google Analytics, they can save you money and spare you the learning curve.
  • Your marketing team can devote their finite resources to longer-term projects such as advertising campaigns, trade shows, white papers and ebooks.
  • Content professionals combine writing skills with in-depth understanding of dominant search terms, SEO (search engine optimization), keywords, email marketing best practices, and conversion optimization.
  • Content specialists typically have the know-how or the resources to provide additional creative skills such as research, video production, web design and social media assistance.
  • To decide whether outsourcing content creation and strategy is the right solution for your business, reflect on the expertise and bandwidth you already have in-house. If your existing staff doesn’t have the talent and time to master the art of content creation, hiring outside content specialists may be the best economic decision, and also generate the best results.

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