Taking the Patient Experience from “Ow!” to “Wow!”: An Automagic Case Study

Taking the Patient Experience from “Ow!” to “Wow!”: An Automagic Case Study 900 600 WildFigAdmin

We all love earning new business. When a new patient entrusts their health to a new health care provider, it’s particularly exciting. That’s what Wild Fig Marketing discovered when we worked with a local chiropractic clinic. With a staff of 25, the clinic had a lot opportunities to make sure its patient onboarding system crossed its “t”s and dotted its “i”s. But there was a lot of opportunity for details to slip through the cracks. It was time for some automagic!

An Automated, On-boarding Campaign Designed to Turn “Ow!” to “Wow!”

After a comprehensive consultation with the clinic, we uncovered several opportunities for the clinic to stay in touch with new patients and even cross-sell products and programs that would help patients improve their health. We built an automated, new patient on-boarding campaign that began with a simple online form the clinic’s front desk staff would complete when a new patient booked an appointment. Once they filled out the form and clicked submit, the following sequence would automagically begin:

  1. Immediately: Welcome email sent to the patient with a personalized note from the doctor they’d be seeing along with an appointment reminder, a map to the office, and links to forms to complete along with instructions.
  2. 1 Week after Appointment: Follow-up email sent after the patient’s first appointment that addresses expectations and communicates the keys to a successful treatment plan.
  3. 5 Weeks after First Appointment:  After 6 weeks of treatment, patients typically start feeling better and their visits become sporadic. To curb this behavior, the sequence sends an email 5 weeks after treatment that addresses the benefits of completing the program. It includes testimonials from other patients who did not complete their program and had to start their treatment program all over again taking them longer to heal.
  4. 8 Weeks after First Appointment: This follow-up email features the clinic’s other programs and products that can assist patients in living healthier lives.
  5. 12 Weeks after FIrst Appointment: This email includes  a built-in survey to help improve patient retention.  If the survey is positive, the clinic asks the patient to post a review online. If the survey is not positive, the clinic is notified via email so they can follow-up personally.

This campaign has become a powerful patient retention tool for the clinic.  The system could be applied to many different industries, from chiropractic clinics to accounting firms. If you’d like to explore how a campaign like this could improve your customer retention, please contact us!

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