Case Study: How Automation Saved One Client a Full Week Each Month

Case Study: How Automation Saved One Client a Full Week Each Month 900 600 WildFigAdmin

How would you like to save 40 hours a month? That’s like getting an entire week per month to work on the things that are important to you!! For one client of ours, we were able to do just that by automating their new client onboarding process, saving them hundreds of hours a year in follow up, notifications and reminders, giving them more time to focus on their clients and services! Using Ontraport, with it’s strong automation capabilities and new campaign tools, we were able to help this client make it all happen. Let me break it down into areas to explain:

Starting Point

First, there is an automatic reply for email inquiries that directs prospects to a landing page (web page) to schedule an introductory meeting. This page is built and hosted in Ontraport and is promoted through social media and other channels as well. It collects some basic information in a form, and allows the potential client to pick a meeting time from the available time slots. The meeting calendar is integrated with Zapier using Calendly to talk with MS Office 365 calendar (or could work with another calendar app). The meeting slots are predefined in length and day/time our client is available.

A Little Intervention

Now, the flow of things… If someone clicks on the link but never schedules an appointment, the system will send a reminder email. If this email still does not get them to schedule an appointment, we create a task to have someone call the prospect directly. Once we have an appointment, we create a task for the introductory phone call with the prospect. Once the call occurs we can have multiple outcomes. For example: “Successful Call”, “Not a good fit for business” or “call didn’t occur”, etc… For each outcome, we can take different actions. In this case, let’s assume we had a successful call and the task is marked as complete.

Down Payment Process

Since the call happened and a down payment is required, we need to send an agreement and collect a down payment. The agreement document is handled through a Webmerge integration to Docusign. The Webmerge integration pulls the data from Ontraport and places it into the Docusign document for delivery and signature. We use a custom field to keep the down payment editable – this allows for different sized clients/down payment amounts. When the document goes out, we create another task to watch for payment and Docusign to be returned. Payment for most of our clients is done through a link and hosted inside of the Ontraport process. For now, we will invoice in contract and await the payment. Once the Docusign document is returned, we can mark it complete and the system will now create a task for the larger design and final proposal!

Contract Madness Made Simple

Final Proposal – There may be multiple versions of the proposal so we build this into the automated process. By using task outcomes – we can create a loop in the Ontraport campaign of “signed and accepted” or “new contract needed”. We can run through this until we get acceptance. To automate the contracts, we use multiple custom fields to support variable length statements of work. We started with 10 for this client. This allows them to have some contracts with 2 or 3 deliverables and others with up to ten or even more! The Webmerge process allows for a create and merge “if exists” feature – so you don’t end up with multiple blank lines on the contract.


Once the final proposal is accepted, the final task is closed and the client moves into ‘normal’ alerting emails. 30 days before their event, they get a notification about final changes and two weeks before their event, we remind them of any other last minute items. After their event, they receive a thank you card for doing business together.

Move to Marketing

Upon completion of their event, we move them into a nurturing sequence, where they are sent a 6 month reminder of our thanks for doing business and ask for a referral of more potential clients like you! We may or may not perform more of these and finally, move them into our general marketing newsletter, blog reminder, or other regular client communications.

Ready to get 10-30% of your month back?

Think about how many steps are in your business processes. Think about the areas in your business where you are performing steps that are duplicatable and repeatable. At Wild Fig Marketing, we specialize in helping you document your processes, finding areas where automation will save you the most time and money, and implementing these systems using Ontraport and other integrations for flexibility. Sign up for a free 15 minute call today by visiting:


Send me an email at with questions about how you can start saving time and get back to doing what is important!!

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