Add A Little Boo to Your Brand with These Halloween Marketing Ideas

Add A Little Boo to Your Brand with These Halloween Marketing Ideas 900 601 WildFigAdmin

It’s October and you know what that means: time to get spooky! The cooler temps and changing colors make it easy for people to exchange sunscreen for sweaters. Since your potential clients are already in the mood for fall, you may as well hop on the bandwagon for your marketing efforts!

Seasonal marketing is a no-brainer. According to this blog by Protocol80, searches for the keyword ‘pumpkin’ increase 2000%. That’s two thousand, not two hundred! Joining in on the Halloween fun will not only increase your search rankings, it will also show the world that your company can get into the spirit of things. In other words, you’ll be perceived as more approachable and human! Here are some marketing ideas any business can incorporate to create a special Halloween campaign:

October 13th is Friday the 13th!

Turn your customer’s luck around by offering 13% off on Friday the 13th! If you have a brick and mortar location, have some fun with it by putting a ladder in the doorway customers have to walk under. Be sure to get the word out on social media, email, and your website. One easy way to do this is through email marketing, which we can help you with.

Ghost Stories

Have your employees share a spooky story, real or made up, and share it via social media. Ensure the post that shows up on social media gives just enough information to capture the attention of your readers. This will get users to click on the blog link that will lead readers to your website. Once they read the personal experiences, they’ll feel more connected to your employees and your company.

Trick or Treat!

Open your office doors to trick or treaters! It’s becoming more and more popular for parents to bring their young kids to a safe, controlled environment to show off their costumes. Why not have your office be one of their stops?

Spooky Videos

Ask any marketing professional and they will tell you that video always gets more clicks. Vidyard had some great ideas for Halloween-themed marketing videos,which you can read about here. Video helps you tell a story quickly and lets viewers know there are real people behind your company. That’s a lot of accomplishment in a two-minute video!

Now that you have some ideas of how to put some ‘boo’ into your marketing, contact Wild Fig Marketing to help you create your content and reach your audience. Get started on your seasonal campaign, or it will haunt you for the rest of the year!

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