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March 2018

Choosing Your Lead Magnet Campaign Offer: Things to Consider

Choosing Your Lead Magnet Campaign Offer: Things to Consider 900 600 WildFigAdmin

A lead magnet campaign is a marketing approach that businesses use to attract new customers. This type of campaign extends an alluring free offer to prospective customers in a format such as an ebook, digital pamphlet, video, webinar or the like.

When choosing what to offer for your lead magnet campaign, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

Provide value. Clearly communicate with your prospect the value your content provides. Acknowledge your prospect’s pain points and address how your free item provides a solution. Give a brief explanation of the item they are interested in opting in for and include several statements that support its value. Close with a quote or testimonial to drive the value home.

Keep it short. The goal of a lead magnet campaign is to attract qualifying leads and convert them into customers. Oracle Marketing Cloud reports that lead conversion stands in direct correlation to the number of form fields your prospective customer is required to fill in in order to receive their free product. Only requiring a first name, email address and the answer to one qualifying question will provide you with just enough information to properly segment your new lead and keep this lead engaged with your process.

Nurture your leads. Once you have basic contact information for your lead (and they have their free item!), nurture your lead over time with more free, valuable information. This regular communication will keep you top-of-mind while reinforcing their perception of your brand as an expert in the field. Then, when they’re ready to make a purchase they will seek out their ‘go-to’ in the industry – you!

If you would like help building your own lead magnet campaign and need some help or strategies on how to do so, contact the experts at Wild Fig Marketing to schedule your free 15 minute consultation. We’d love to discuss how we can help your business attract more quality leads in less time!

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Made in Minnesota – Laser 1 Technologies

Made in Minnesota – Laser 1 Technologies 900 600 WildFigAdmin

Welcome to our new blog suitably titled Made in Minnesota where we will explore different Minnesota-based businesses and learn some helpful tips along the way! The blog format will be a Q&A, conversational style that allows you as the listener to lean in and get to know some great Minnesota business owners on a personal level. You will hear stories of big dreams turned reality, obstacles encountered and how they were overcome, things business owners would love to go back in time and change and fun little tidbits you wouldn’t otherwise be privy to! Sound like fun? Pull up a chair and get ready to meet Don!

Don Walsh, Laser 1 Technology Headshot

Today’s featured Minnesota business owner is Don Walsh, owner of Laser 1 Technologies in West St. Paul, Minnesota.

Good morning, Don! We’re happy to have you here today.

It’s great to be here!

Don, can you take some time to tell us a little bit about how Laser 1 began?

Sure! I’ve always wanted to own my own business. Every place I worked I would make note of how processes and systems could operate more effectively. Previous to starting Laser 1 I was working with another company for 10 years. I worked my way up within the organization and reached the top of the ladder as the second-in-command. Then I realized that if I’m going to have all the responsibility anyways I would prefer to own my own company. I resigned, took some money I had saved up, bought basic equipment and started my business the next week. I was the most excited and terrified I had ever been with my wife and three kids at home depending on me. Today, Laser 1 Technologies is a successful manufacturing company that specializes in high-quality laser cutting and sheet metal fabrication.

Q. As you look back do you think you were destined to be in this business?
A. Probably. My father was a farmer so I learned the value of hard work and dedication early on.

Q. What do you find most challenging about the business you’re in?
A. Finding the right people who share our vision and values has always been the biggest challenge. Relationships are the most important element in business. Also, keeping up with technology is a big challenge. It’s ever-changing and it’s incredibly expensive to keep up with the latest and greatest. You have to be really smart about when and how you choose to advance your business technology.

Q. What is the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome in your business and what did you learn from it?
A. My drive and ambition to always do better is both my biggest obstacle and my biggest advantage. I’m always looking to do and accomplish more and sometimes I have to remember to stop and celebrate where we’re at today.

Q. If you could start your business all over again what is the number one thing you would do differently?
A. I would go big faster! I think perception is reality and in this industry if you are perceived as large you tend to get more business from large companies. I think a lot of businesses could benefit from this approach. It’s the difference between having a corporate mentality vs. a garage/shop mentality.

Q. What is your primary focus these days?
A. I’m fortunate to be in a position today where I get to focus more on the big picture. I’m constantly looking for ways to be more innovative and find stellar people who not only believe in our mission but also want to play an active role in helping us live it out.

Q. If you only had $500 to spend on your growing business where would you spend your money and why?
A. I would split up the money amongst all of our employees. I believe that investing in your people is one of the smartest decisions a business owner can make. If you invest in and support them they will do the same for you.

Q. What are three words you would use to describe your organization?
A. Passionate. Precise. Organized.

Q. If you could start any business today what would you open?
A. This might sound cliché but I would do this all over again. I would create my own manufacturing business.

Q. To wrap up, what is the best advice you would give a business owner who is just starting out?
A. Make sure your business can stand alone without you!

Thanks for joining us today, Don! We appreciate the behind-the-scenes peek into the history and company culture at Laser 1 Technologies. We wish you the best as you continue to move forward!

If you’d like to learn more about Laser 1 Technologies you can visit them online at:

8 Simple Tips to Creating Content That Teaches Instead of Sells

8 Simple Tips to Creating Content That Teaches Instead of Sells 900 600 WildFigAdmin

As a business owner you are the expert when it comes to your product or service. You also know better than anyone how what your business has to offer can improve the lives of each of your customers. As opposed to boring your customers with generic advertisements and off-point information, effective content marketing that educates your customers provides immense value. Josh Ritchie, CEO and co-founder of Column Five, clarifies that this education must “deliver useful information in the right context at the right time” to maximize its impact.

Let’s take a look at some easy ways to do this!

1. Empathize
This involves getting to know your current and potential customers on a personal level. It’s easy in this technology age to maintain distant and impersonal business relationships. Instead, see your customers in their humanity and make that personal connection. Go the extra step and shoot off that personal email, give them a call or take them out to lunch. Ask them about challenges they’re coming up against, what they need help navigating and offer a genuine dose of empathy. You will begin to see common pain points that you can then address in your content marketing efforts.

2. Be transparent
It’s ok for your customers to hear about the mistakes you’ve made and the obstacles you’ve overcome. Sharing your story in a transparent manner allows your customers to more-readily identify with you and lends you their listening ear. Then, with an engaged audience at your fingertips, you are able to share how your business can help them overcome similar obstacles.

3. Embrace your unique perspective
There are likely many competitors in your field. However, you are wired uniquely and possess your own combination of life experiences and perspectives. This is both your greatest gift and your greatest offering. Quit comparing yourself to the competition. Instead, educate your customers and allow your brand to flourish from your distinctive place.

4. Create bite-sized content
Your customers have a problem and your brand has the perfect solution. The temptation can be to come in like a flood, inundating your customers with all the content your business has to offer – the equivalent of a torrential downpour! Your customers don’t have the ability to absorb and apply everything all at once and will be overwhelmed if they try. Instead, break it down. Consider providing bite-sized, easily-applicable information that can help your customers navigate their problems a little bit at a time. This may look like singular-topic blog posts, short video snippets on individual products or services you offer, insightful tweets or the like.

5. Go where your customers go
Where are your current or potential customers gathering their information? Providing valuable content across these channels or touch points keeps your business top-of-mind, highlights your expertise and encourages them to dig into more of what you have to offer.

6. Capitalize on seasonal happenings
The yearly calendar provides a plethora of opportunities for your business to intersect your current or potential customer’s journey with valuable information. What might this look like? If your business is a landscaping company in the northern part of the country you are aware that by late winter people are dreaming about spring blooms and lazy summer days relaxing and entertaining outdoors. With this in mind, you can provide both valuable and timely content for your customers. You can create a video snippet with tips for planting a beautiful garden or – because spring rain is coming – create a blog post about the importance of implementing proper drainage around the foundation of your home and ‘plant the seed’ for future business.

7. Provide hands-on education
Is your business launching a new product or service? Consider creating a live demo, offering samples of your product or step-by-step pop-ups on your website that help customers navigate new features. The more value you provide in an easy-to-access fashion the easier it is to develop a loyal customer base and generate referral business.

8. Dialogue
Instead of talking to your customers find ways to have dialogue with your customers. In addition to carving out time to make personal contact though face-to-face interaction, implement ways for your customers to engage with your brand via social media forums, a Q & A section on your website or a blog post comment section. This dialogue communicates to your customers that their opinions matter and you are listening. It also communicates that, in addition to being an expert in your field, you are a perpetual student – striving to continually grow, learn and improve.

Are you ready to learn more about the how’s and why’s of educating your potential and existing customers? Wild Fig Marketing is here to help! Schedule a free consultation call here to get started on your path to educating your existing and potential customers!