What Is a Lead Magnet and How Can a Lead Magnet Campaign Help Grow Your Business?

What Is a Lead Magnet and How Can a Lead Magnet Campaign Help Grow Your Business? 900 600 WildFigAdmin

Recently, I was out for my family’s monthly run to the local warehouse store to restock on the essentials (with two boys in the house, I’m always amazed that one trip a month is enough!). It was a weekend day, and at the end of every aisle was a lovely, older woman hawking the latest new cracker, juice, hot dog, or samosa. As I passed by, little paper cups of free samples were pressed into my palm.

The lovely ladies offering me samples weren’t pushy salespeople. They knew their products would speak for themselves; all they needed to do was get me to give their treats a try. And a few of the samples were pretty good! I tossed one or two boxes in my cart to bring home.

Waiting in line to check out, I realized that those samples are a lot like the lead magnet campaigns Wild Fig Marketing creates for our clients. Lead magnets are irresistible freebies you give away to prospective clients in return for their email addresses. Like delicious free samples, lead magnet giveaways lure prospects in and give them something of value in the hopes that they’ll eventually become loyal customers.

What Makes a Good Lead Magnet?
I wish Wild Fig Marketing had some delicious treat we could send prospects virtually over the web. But we’re in the marketing business, not the snack business. Our lead magnet is the first step in building a relationship with our clients. It must be easily accessible and usable, related to our services, and not cost a thing.

Fortunately, there’s a full menu of valuable content at our disposal for lead magnets. eBooks and guides, video tutorials, free trials and consultations, podcasts, and virtual classes or lessons are all valuable content.

How Do You Promote Your Lead Magnet?
It’s no coincidence that the free sample ladies show up on the busiest shopping days at my local warehouse store. And it’s no surprise that they seem to have an endless supply of samples—and boxes of their products for me to toss into my cart.

The key to promoting your lead magnet is a little planning. How are you going to spread the word about your lead magnet? How will prospects request it? How will you deliver it? How will you follow up with them?

We work with our clients to create a lead magnet campaign with one of our favorite tools, Ontraport. We lay out the entire roadmap of a lead’s experience, from the time they visit your website and see your lead magnet offer to signing up to receiving it via email. We even hammer out the follow-up emails you’ll send and create social media ad campaigns to drive traffic to your lead magnet.

How are you planning to add value and draw in new customers this year? Lead magnets can be an easy and profitable way to keep your lead pipeline full. Contact us to schedule your consultation today!

At Wild Fig Marketing, we’re committed to helping businesses grow. For the next few months we’ll be highlighting each step in the customer journey – attract, convert, deliver, nurture and refer.

This post is focused on the attraction stage and how you can attract more of the leads you’re looking for! Click below for recent articles on how you can attract quality leads without breaking the bank! Learn More >>

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