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June 2018

Automation: The 4th Law of Lead Attraction

Automation: The 4th Law of Lead Attraction 900 600 Amy Judge

You’ve figured out your target market and created a valuable lead magnet to hook ‘em in. These are two laws of lead attraction. The next one is automation, or, as we think of it, the way you avoid becoming overwhelmed by all those hot leads!

There are many ways to automate the delivery of your lead magnet. You can schedule social media posts and ad campaigns that include a link to download your lead magnet. Pop-up forms on your website or blog articles can be great solutions for automating your lead magnet delivery, too.

But the most important component of your automated lead magnet delivery process is your email funnel. Here’s why.

Without Automation, Follow-Up Falls off the Rails
Relationships—personal and professional—start with the best of intentions. But obstacles quickly get in the way. Your work calendar fills up, the phone starts ringing, and the time you’ve blocked off to follow up with leads from your lead magnet vanishes into thin air.

An automated email funnel helps you stay on top of follow up and look like a superstar. A consultation with Wild Fig Marketing will help you down the right path. We’re lay out a follow-up strategy that automates and fosters your relationship with new leads. With automation, you’ll never forget to send a thank you email or those nurturing follow-up emails that convert leads into customers.

Automation Helps You Communicate with Your Audience
Automating your lead magnet delivery ensures you communicate with your target market consistently and frequently. But it can also provide you valuable data to separate hot prospects from lukewarm leads. This allows you to segment your list to offer individual contacts the most value possible. Contacts who receive your lead magnet but never download it may just need a simple thank you email. But if a contact has opened every follow-up email and clicked every link, it’s time to take your relationship to the next level.

When Attraction Turns into Something More
Once you have your segmented list of hot prospects, it’s time to think about how you can transform these leads into customers. What’s the next thing you can offer to move them along your customer lifecycle? If they’ve downloaded your lead magnet and opened your follow-up email, consider sending them a promotion for a discount, free sample, or complimentary consultation. Whatever the next step is, make sure your automated email makes it very clear what you’d like your prospect to do. Keep it branded to your business, highly visual, and engaging.

If you’ve invested time and resources in building an effective lead magnet that targets your specific market, don’t let your efforts go to waste. Automate the delivery of your lead magnet and your follow-up emails to turn attraction into a long-term customer relationship. Schedule your consultation with Wild Fig Marketing to learn how.

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At Wild Fig Marketing, we’re committed to helping businesses grow. For the next few months we’ll be highlighting each step in the customer journey – attract, convert, deliver, nurture and refer.

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