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July 2018

Is Blogging Dead?

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Living in the midst of a continually-evolving online environment, we are constantly re-evaluating which platforms deserve our precious time and effort when it comes to marketing our businesses. One platform that is often pegged as increasingly irrelevant is that of the blog. We are here to assure you that not only are blogs relevant but they are central to your marketing strategy.

Here are 8 pieces of proof that blogs are very much alive and well!

  • Blogs sit on your website. Whereas social media platforms run distracting ads, blogs command the attention of your audience. They also increase the amount of time your audience spends on your website, increasing the likelihood of visitor engagement and conversion.
  • Blogs increase SEO.  Unlike with all of our favorite social media platforms, blog content actually populates in search engines! And when you provide relevant content, your visitors will engage with it and share it, increasing your search ranking.
  • Blogs give you the opportunity to engage one-on-one with website visitors. Be diligent in responding to all blog post comments and engage your prospective clients in conversation they value.
  • Blogs are something you own and therefore something you control. This means you’re not at the mercy of social media’s ever-changing algorithms. In other words, your SEO will not unexpectedly take a dive and leave you desperately trying to catch the wave of the latest algorithm.
  • Blogs are content marketing that helps you reach your target audience. Your blog provides the information your prospects are searching for. Your valuable content can position you as an expert in your field and who doesn’t want to do business with a field leader? Win-win.
  • Blogs are a great way for your prospective clients to get to know you, your product and your backstory better. They add a personal touch to what may otherwise be an impersonal, strictly-business website experience.
  • Blogs allow you to create more internal links on your website. This gives your website visitors a greater sweep of your website and the valuable content it contains.
  • Blogs drive website traffic. Be sure to regularly update your valuable blog content and watch your visitors come back for more! This will also increase engagement as the more fresh, relevant content you provide, the more opportunities there are for visitors to comment on and share your posts. And guess what? Increased engagement means increased conversion. Bam.

If you shut it down completely or haven’t updated it in awhile, now is the time to resurrect your blog. If your business doesn’t currently have a blog, getting a blog off the ground is one of the most important marketing investments your business will make.

If you’ve got a blog and want to know how effective it truly is, check out our complimentary Content Marketing Analysis Tool today!