It goes without saying that blogging is an integral and valuable part of any company’s marketing efforts. In fact, companies that prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to see a return on their investment! But when your company is nurturing a blog, what is the goal? If it’s merely to increase traffic then you will be highly disappointed with your conversion rates. Forrester Research finds that 97-98% of visitors leave without ever taking action or leaving behind any contact information. Focusing on increasing traffic as well as increasing leads will yield much more desirable results. With this in mind, let’s explore some lead generation strategies you can pursue to help you turn your blog visitors into customers!


One crucial element every blog should contain is a call-to-action. If your visitors are already on your page, you have their attention. Make the most of it! Invite them to engage with your brand by offering them something. Encouraging them to click, download or sign up is a great way to do this. Creating a comments section in hopes that your visitors leave a comment isn’t nearly enough. Make sure your CTA offers your visitors value and is visually appealing. It’s also helpful to create a sense of urgency around your CTA so they will “get it while the getting is good.” There are a lot of ways to incorporate calls-to-action within your post. Some ideas include: a hello bar, an in-text CTA, a static or scrolling sidebar, a slide-in or popup or an exit intent overlay.


Here’s another great strategy: Consider offering your blog readers exclusive content. Clearly, if they’re on your blog they’re already at least somewhat interested in what you have to offer. Go a step further by offering more in-depth, “exclusive” content such as a workshop or a webinar in exchange for basic contact information. Keep your offer relevant and appealing and don’t turn visitors off by asking for extensive personal information. Keep the goal of conversion in mind and make it easy for your visitors to say yes.

Oftentimes, visitors land on your blog in search of specific information and they don’t want to take the time to read through your posts in their entirety. Thrill your visitors and generate leads by offering blog post summaries in exchange for names and email addresses.


Although we already mentioned that depending solely on your blog’s comments section for lead generation is shortsighted, the comments section is ripe with opportunity when your visitors engage with it! Capture visitors here by replying to their questions and comments with thoughtful and insightful comments of your own, making sure to include a call-to-action that links to a landing page where your visitors can download even more helpful material on the given topic.


In spite of all your best efforts, many visitors will read your blog and leave your page without a trace. This is where retargeting comes in. Retargeting gives you a second chance at converting these visitors. Neil Patel describes it this way, “Essentially, a tiny string of code called a pixel is placed on your website. This pixel drops a tracking cookie on the browser of every visitor to your blog. It then follows them around the internet.” Then, when your visitor navigates away from your website and moves on to another one, an ad for your product or service will appear in the sidebar or in their social media feed, redirecting them back to your blog or landing page and giving you a second opportunity to convert them into a satisfied customer.

Your company’s blog is an important content marketing tool and when traffic generation and lead generation meet, well, that’s when the magic happens. If you would like help converting your readers into customers, Wild Fig is here