Optimizing your SEO with a solid keyword strategy in order to drive traffic to your webpage is an important undertaking. You’ll never make sales if people never land on your site. However, getting potential customers ‘in the door’ is only half the battle. The average website visitor who finds your webpage through your effective SEO strategy (good job, by the way!) will hang around for less than 15 seconds. That means you have less than a quarter of a minute to convey to your visitor how your product or service will meet their needs better than that of the competition. That’s a tall order but nothing a standout value proposition can’t tackle! Let’s look at how to craft a killer value proposition so you can capitalize on your web traffic and increase your conversions.


There are a few main components to any successful value proposition:

The Who:
Who is your ideal client for your product or service? Are you targeting businesses or individuals? Men or women? Business professionals, tech-savvy teenagers, pet owners…? Who would benefit most from what you have to offer?

The What:
What is the unique value you’re offering? Surely you have competitors. How is the product or service your company provides different from theirs? Why should your ideal client choose your business over the next guy’s?

The How:
How do you plan to solve your ideal client’s problems? This involves getting in touch with their needs. What are their pain points and how can you help alleviate them?


When it comes to crafting your value proposition, keep in mind that it needs to capture your ideal client’s attention within a few short seconds. In order for this to happen, your value proposition must be highly visible so ensuring that it’s easy to spot on your landing page is key. It should, in fact, be the first thing to catch their eye when they arrive on your page. A strong value proposition is also highly specific. Your aim is for your ideal client to read your value proposition and identify with it immediately.

In order to create a value proposition that truly resonates with your ideal clients, you must understand the ins and outs of their pain points and needs. Creating personas that represent your ideal clients is one effective way to do this. Personas help you visualize your clients as people in the flesh instead of as an impersonal sea of faces, increasing the likelihood of forging a connection and driving your value proposition home.

Your value proposition can have a wonderful ring to it but if your prospects don’t trust you, they won’t convert. Give prospects a reason to trust that you will deliver on your promises by crafting content and design that conveys your expertise and your integrity. Posting testimonials and offering a free download are two great ways to do this.

Always, always, always research your competition. Who are they targeting with their product or service? What is unique about their offer? How are they promising to meet their ideal client’s needs? A strong value proposition stands out from the competition by offering something unique.

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