It’s the dog days of summer at Wild Fig Marketing HQ in Minnesota. We’ve been known to cast a line or two at the end of the day (often with a cold beverage in our hands, but that’s a topic for another post!). Marketing with landing pages can be a lot like fishing—it’s more productive if you use the right lure for the type of fish you’re trying to catch.
Like great anglers, great landing pages make marketing look easy. But there’s a lot of know-how and experience that make great anglers—and landing pages—successful. Here are a few tips from the master marketing anglers at Wild Fig Marketing that will help you convert more prospects from your landing pages.
1. Tell your prospects they’re at the right place.
We’ve experienced it so many times—a Facebook ad headline catches our attention, so we click on it. But the landing page it brings us to has nothing to do with what the Facebook ad promised. Yikes!
Landing pages are all about simplicity. If they’ve clicked your ad, your prospects have already shown they’re interested in what you’re offering. Make it easy for them to confirm that your product or service is what they need, then make it easy for them to make the decision to opt into your landing page giveaway (more on that below).
So, how do you let your prospects know they’re in the right place? Just match the headline in your ad to the headline on your landing page. Yes, it’s that easy! But you do need to make sure the headline you use is compelling, engaging, and reflects your brand. Wild Fig Marketing can help with that.
2. Before you sell, give.
In today’s digital marketplace, your personal information is currency. Users expect to get something in return to sharing their name and email with you. What you give away should reflect your brand, provide something valuable, and build trust with your prospects.
The possibilities for your landing page’s giveaway are limitless. Here are a few ideas we’ve seen work well for our clients:
A guide to building their business, natural cleaning products, training their new shelter dog, or whatever it is you can help them with.
An eBook or PDF that offers a solution to a common pain point your prospects experience.
A video explaining your product or service with a free trial offered at the end.
How do you decide what to offer your prospects? Listen to your customers! Understand what drove them to work with you—likely, it’s similar to what your prospects are looking for. Comb through your online reviews, send your customers a quick survey, or just pick up the phone and ask them.
The Wild Fig Marketing team can also help you come up with high-value, engaging ideas for attracting prospects. We’d love to get our creative juices flowing for you!
3. Make the decision easy for them.
Have you heard the phrase, “make the right thing the easy thing”? It can apply to nearly anything in life—eating well, parenting, and yes, attracting prospects. Compelling visitors to your landing page to act is a big deal. As our friends at Ontraport say, “They have to decide if your product or service is for them. Then they have to decide if they like your approach, personality, and specifics (such as features). Then they have to decide if they like it all enough to take action right now.”
That’s a lot of decisions, so make the process as easy as possible. Write succinct, engaging copy that drives right to why your prospect is considering working with you and the solution you offer. Choose engaging images and videos to accompany your copy. Then, take some time to come up with button copy that affirms their decision. “Submit” and “Enter” don’t cut it. Make your button copy specific to what you’re asking your prospects to do. If you’re offering a business guide, for example, your button copy could be something like, “I Want to Grow My Business.” It’s subtle, but button copy can make a big impact on your conversion rates.
Ready to make the most of your landing pages? Wild Fig Marketing can help. Contact us today to get figgy with it.

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