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We’ve all had those times when, in search of a product or service online, we landed on a really crappy website. You know the ones. You can’t exit fast enough because you feel like you’re hurling headlong into a black hole, losing precious seconds of your life staring at a huge wall of unbroken text. Or you are immediately overstimulated by flashing images more startling than the night sky on the 4th of July. Worse yet, you land on a website optimistic but after pushing through for 10 seconds, the information you came searching for is nowhere in sight. Ugh! Ain’t got no time for that. Not only are those experiences a waste for you but they’re a huge loss for the business owners behind the websites. You could have been their next customer-turned-brand-promoter…and you hit the red “x” instead.

The good news is, you don’t have to frustrate people with a crappy website! Instead, you can rock the socks off your business site by covering some content must-haves. And your visitors will love you for it!

You must have SEO basics covered: First thing’s first. If people can’t find your site, you’re not going to get their business. Do your homework on current SEO trends and incorporate them! This means incorporating keywords, links, headers, rich media, etc. Check out one of our more recent posts for some hot SEO tips!

You must have a clear description: When visitors land on your page, you have no more than 7 seconds to capture their attention. You can accomplish this with a straightforward, highly visible description of what you do and how your business can solve your visitors’ biggest problems. Keep it simple!

  • Quality carpet. We’ve got you covered!
  • Affordable IT solutions for your business.
  • Web design: Smart. Easy. Innovative.

You must have an easy-on-the-eyes design: Present your information in a format that is easy to ingest. Bullet points, line breaks, bolded headers, simple color scheme, readable font…they all contribute to the same goal: readability. If your visitors find your landing page content readable, they will be more apt to stick around.

You must have valuable, updated content: Ok. Your visitors read your clear description and can easily spot your landing page content thanks to your website aesthetics…and they didn’t exit in the first 7 seconds. Kudos! Now this is where the rubber meets the road. You MUST provide value. If your content tastes like that old box of cereal you just found in the back of the pantry, fogetaboutit. Keep your content fresh by highlighting recent blog posts, discussing the latest industry news and how it affects your business and your customers…A website is not a one-and-done deal – it requires ongoing love and attention.

You must have links to your social media accounts (which, yes, you must have!): We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. You need to go where your target audience is! Which social media channels do they frequent? Then you need a powerful presence there as well as easy-to-locate links to these social channels on your website.

You must have reviews and testimonials: Social proof builds trust and what better way to do that than by sharing others’ experiences with your brand? Keep these updated and highly-visible. Share the good reviews but also the not-so-good reviews so your visitors can see how, in situations where a customer was unsatisfied, you dialogued with them about how you could make it right. Oftentimes, these scenarios lead to a more recent, positive review on account of your stellar customer service and further your integrity in the eyes of your visitors.

You must have a call-to-action: Don’t neglect to inform website visitors what you’d like them to do before they leave your page or they’re not going to do it. Because, after all, they might be awesome but they’re not mind-readers. Would you like them to download a guide you created in exchange for some basic contact info? Or maybe you want them to take a survey or subscribe to your updates where you send out sweet offers on your products or services. Communicate your CTA in the form of an image or text and entice visitors to follow through.

You must have easy-to-locate contact information: The top right or left corner of your homepage or in the header, footer or sidebar of your subsequent pages are all great spots to include your contact information. That way, regardless of which page they’re on, it should be easy for visitors to spot. And be sure to offer multiple ways for them to get a hold of you. You can even add the address of your business and your location on Google maps. The more info the better! That way interested visitors have fewer obstacles keeping them from making that initial connection!

Still feeling bogged down by the thought of crafting a killer website? We can help! From the development of your site to a quick refresh…from creating awesome new content to incorporating a strong keyword strategy, Wild Fig would love to partner with you to accomplish your goals. Contact us to schedule a 15 minute exploratory call on ways we can help drive your website visits, keep them there longer and convert more sales.