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November 2019



You have a ton of amazing clients. They love the product or service you provide, stand behind your company values and champion your brand. So how about letting them know you appreciate them in some thoughtful and creative ways?

  1. Host events – This is a great way to say thank you, especially for B2B companies who want to create a sense of community among their clients. And the sky’s the limit here! It could look like an afternoon golf outing, an after-hours wine tasting, an escape room challenge…Just make sure it’s no work and all play for a thank you that’s truly memorable.
  2. Send personalized gifts -Make note of your clients’ interests and encourage your team to do the same. Then send clients a gift that reflects your observations. One of my favorite gifts we’ve given out was a Green Bay Packer-themed portfolio (it was even made out of a recycled football!) for our client, Randy –  a major Packer fan. He loved it and we were stoked to give it to him.
  3. Celebrate milestones – Why just celebrate client birthdays when there are truly dozens of celebration-worthy events in the course of a year? For example, when we work with a new client, we identify one key goal they want to accomplish in the first 100 days. Then when we reach that 100-day mark, we stop by their office with treats to celebrate (if they’re local) or send them goodies if they aren’t.
  4. Surprise them – Sending holiday gifts is always a great way to show your appreciation. However, if you really want to knock the socks off your clients, send them a thoughtful gift or discount their purchase JUST BECAUSE. That will really get them talking!
  5. Write a personalized card – Kick it old school and send your clients handwritten cards. Consider making it a goal to write and mail out a certain number of cards each month. Receiving snail mail that isn’t a bill or junk is a rare treat these days. Delight your customers with a personalized note letting them know how much you appreciate their business.
  6. Do lunch – If you’re lucky enough to live in close proximity to your clients, take them out to lunch periodically. In this digital age, it’s easy to go weeks or months without face-to-face interaction with the people who support your business. Rekindle the original concept of “facetime” and spend an hour of your week sitting across the table from a loyal client. It’s a great opportunity to get their feedback and glean a better understanding of their pain points. If they live halfway across the country (or the world), buy lunch and have it delivered in for them or their team. This is a great way to extend a hearty thanks!
  7. Nerd out – Did you read a book recently that really impacted you from a business perspective? Do you have a favorite book that echoes your company’s core values? Why not send that book to your clients? And be sure to include a personal note inside the cover. This is a unique way to thank clients for their business and remind them what your company is all about. It will also provide a great launching point for future discussions!
  8. Honor your VIPs – Everyone loves the rockstar treatment. After all, Starbucks Rewards, right? Why not create your own rewards system for your most valuable clients? This could look like a limited time offer for current clients (Renew your service for the coming year by Oct. 1 and get the first month free!) or a discount coupon on their brandaversary (Thanks for your loyalty this past year! How about 40% off your next purchase on us?).
  9. Put them in the limelight – If you have great clients, tap into your bragging rights! Feature one of your brag-worthy clients in each edition of your monthly newsletter or include a periodic client shout-out on your favorite social channels. Remember to include a link to their webpage – sending business their way is a great way to thank them for placing their trust in you!
  10. Be generous – A few times a year (traditional holidays are a great time for this), approach one of your loyal clients and find out which charity their business supports or would like to support. Then make a donation on their behalf. This honors your client and pays it forward, continuing the cycle of gratitude.

Building a successful organization wouldn’t be possible without your top-notch clients. Take the time to show them how much their loyalty means to you and continue to enjoy their business for years to come.

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