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How We Helped a Client Confront the Challenges of COVID-19.

The COVID-19 crisis has thrown us all for a loop – with the statewide closure of schools and restaurants, cancelled events of all kinds, and now a stay-at-home order, it feels like the world has been turned upside down. With unprecedented times comes a need for unprecedented innovation, and one of our clients, Versare® Solutions, has been a great example of that over the past couple of weeks. We hope their story will inspire you – it has certainly inspired us!

Recently we had the opportunity to come alongside Versare to market a new product they created to aid hospitals, pharmacies, and other essential businesses as they navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Versare created, tested, and launched their new product, the Countertop Screen, within a week of learning of their customers’ needs! (The folks at Versare are so inventive and engaged with their customers – some of the many reasons we love having them as a client!) The Countertop Screen helps these essential businesses follow social distance protocols while continuing to serve the public.

Customers who have purchased this new product are already singing its praises:

  • “I feel better behind this screen. The customer can hear me just fine and I can scan the barcode of products right through the plexiglass. I don’t have to touch what they’re buying. They just hold it up and I scan.”
  • “This allows the customer to feel safer too knowing that they don’t have to worry about me coughing on them as well.”
  • “This shall provide much needed and I am sure appreciated protection for our front desk personnel.”

This is truly an example of how innovative, creative thinking can boost your business while benefiting the world around you.

Where We Came In

Versare came to us for help with creating content for their new product, and of course we couldn’t wait to get involved! We jumped right in, creating a product description, flyer, landing page, press release, and social media content, which enabled Versare to get the word out quickly and effectively. The ability to turn things around quickly is crucial at a time like this, and is one of the benefits of having a team full of creative people on your side. We’ve never been so grateful for our amazing team at Wild Fig as we are right now!

Think Outside the Box

If there was ever a time for outside-the-box thinking, it’s now. The goal in a crisis like this is not just to survive but to come through it thriving. Versare is a perfect example of this: Instead of clinging to what they had previously planned for their business, they shifted gears, brainstormed, and came up with new and innovative ideas that serve the current needs of their customers. This is the kind of thinking that will keep a business moving forward through any type of challenge.

Now is not the time to admit defeat, but the time to strategize. What new ideas can you come up with to keep your business running through this difficult time? How can your business serve the current needs of your community? Are there new ways that your product or service can be effective that you haven’t thought of before?

Stay Top of Mind

This is also the time to stay top of mind with your customers, even if you’re not able to serve them directly right now. Effective online content like emails, blogs, and social media posts should always be part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, but right now they are especially vital if you want to to stay connected to your audience. You might change what you say during this time to reflect the needs of the moment, but whatever you do, don’t stop communicating with your customers.

If your business is struggling right now, you’re not alone, and you’re not doomed to failure. The team at Wild Fig is here to help you strategize, innovate, and reach your audience in new ways. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business stay on track in this challenging time.