Customer Driven Growth



Customers want a voice in your brand and in the way they engage with you. Forbes recently identified customer-driven growth as “the elusive holy grail.” If you can align your business operations to achieve this kind of growth, you’re setting your business up for long-term success. Let’s start by taking a look at some current trends in this arena. 

Increasing efficiency

Particularly in the B2C retail segment, businesses are prioritizing the booming customer-driven demand for efficiency. Although it costs more to offer free 2-day shipping and free returns, for example, retailers recognize that customers expect this efficiency. More and more businesses are willing to increase efficiency despite higher costs. Currently, 49% of B2C and 39% of B2B businesses report maintaining this focus.  

Investing in technology

Technology fuels businesses’ ability to increase their efficiency. For this reason, both B2B and B2C companies are also maintaining a focus on developing and implementing new technology to drive greater efficiency. 

Additionally, businesses are automating their business and marketing processes and tapping into apps that streamline their customer communications. Calendly, for example, eliminates the email and phone tag game and makes it simple for prospects to book appointments. Today’s consumers also expect up-to-date websites and will often hit the red “x” on websites with boring or outdated content. Keep all customer-facing tech updated and fuel your efficiency with updated tech on the backend as well! 

Hiring talent

Successful business leaders are recognizing the importance of hiring talent to implement their new technology and keep their customer-facing platforms up to date. 

After years of hearing employers gripe about managing employees, we strategically hired six amazing employees at Wild Fig Marketing. While the HR details can be challenging, we are thrilled with our talented team and recognize the value that employees with a wide range of expertise can provide for our business and for our customers’ businesses. 

Aiming to meet or anticipate customer expectations

Many companies align their strategies to meet customer expectations. After all, in today’s B2B and B2C markets, customers are savvy and particular and they will remain loyal to you only as long as you’re delivering on their expectations. An increasing number of businesses are working to go a step further and anticipate customer demands with innovative products and services. 

At Wild Fig Marketing, we know a thing or two about leaning into customer-driven growth. Here are some of our tried-and-true tips!

Provide stellar customer service

  • Do this on the front-end by refining your onboarding process to get customers excited about your product or service immediately. 
  • Make sure you communicate the value of your product or service and let them know what you want them to do next. 
  • Ask customers about their pain-points and what answers they’re seeking from your product or service. 
  • Solicit feedback from your customers and check in periodically to make sure they’re satisfied with their purchase. 
  • Address any questions or concerns that arise. 

Build relationships with your customers 

Show your customers that you champion their success and let them know you’re with them on each step of their journey. Give them opportunities to engage with your brand on social media and host customer-appreciation events. 

Don’t neglect to let your customers know that you’re thankful for them! At Wild Fig, we make a point of hosting regular customer-appreciation events. A couple months ago, we hosted an evening of drinks and hors d’oeuvres at Bald Man Brewing in Eagan, MN. It was a memorable evening filled with laughter and wonderful conversations!

Speak to customers with your content

Provide valuable content for your customers. This can be in the form of blog posts, manuals or guides, whitepapers, video, webinars, etc. When you supply value, you drive customer engagement and loyalty which, ultimately, creates brand advocates and grows your business. 

Kari, our founder and Chief Creative Officer, recently started hosting live Facebook events on Thursdays on a variety of topics as yet another way to supply our customers with valuable content and also give them an opportunity to engage with us across these topics. The response has been phenomenal and she plans to continue!

Customer-driven growth shouldn’t be a goal. It should be a mindset. At Wild Fig Marketing, we specialize in customer-oriented business strategy. If you want help assessing customer demands and driving business growth, sign up for our complimentary 30-minute strategy call here!

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