and Ways to Adjust Your Content Marketing Strategy Accordingly

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, it seems like everything is changing. Three months ago, we didn’t think twice about meeting a friend for lunch, catching a Friday night movie or snatching up tickets to a show or sporting event. Now, many of us would sell a kidney for any one of these opportunities. As a result of drastic changes on the world stage, content is shifting as well. What people are searching for and engaging with is driving new trends and savvy businesses are paying attention.

Trends in content creation include:

 Content that brings joy

Inundated by countless stories of tragedy and loss and a large amount of personal and professional uncertainty, we want a breather. We want good news. So much so that, as of April,  Google searches for “good news” were up 355%.

The Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, responded with The Tonight Show: At Home Edition, a quarantine version of his mainstream late show. And it’s a raging success. Fallon’s show fills homes around the country with late-night humor, relatable anecdotes and silliness…with a side of virtual A-list star interviews, of course.

In an attempt to offset the pervasive negative news, many social media platforms, news stations and publications are drawing attention to COVID-specific “good news,” highlighting heroes on the frontlines, recovery stories, mask and PPE drives and donations, etc.

Content that invites participation 

Spending months in quarantine is breeding a prevailing sense of boredom. In response, many of us are seeking out participatory activities.

The social media platform, TikTok – famous for lip-syncing, dance and comedy videos – has experienced a recent jump in app users. In March alone, more than 12 million people checked the app out for the first time. 

In response to social distancing guidelines and shelter-in-place orders, many businesses such as gyms, art studios and dance studios are converting their classes into a participatory online format, giving consumers the opportunity to connect with others while still pursuing the activities they love.

Content that fosters connection 

Whether we are quarantining alone, with family members or with roommates, many of us are feeling cut off from important relationships and things we enjoy, causing a spike in depression and anxiety. One way people are choosing to combat this is through digital connection. Digital connection platforms such as FaceTime, Skype and Zoom have been around for a while and we were certainly using them. Now, however, usage is at an all-time high, leaving everyone with a pulse wishing we had purchased their stock. These platforms make staying in touch with family and friends much easier and help facilitate many participatory activities, including the ones listed above.

As the content consumers seek out changes, businesses are switching up their marketing approaches.

Fresh marketing strategies include:

Issuing COVID-19 positioning statements 

Whether or not you’re in the foodservice or hospitality industry, consumers want to know your business’s position on the COVID crisis. This knowledge gives them peace of mind and creates a “we’re all in this together” sense of solidarity. It also sets consumer expectations: Is the pandemic driving the demand for certain products, causing lower-than-normal inventory? Will it take you a little longer to return emails and phone calls or ship out products? Email a COVID positioning statement to your subscribers and add it to your company website.

Creating content hubs

Hopefully you’re finding innovative ways to market your products or services during this time. As you create content that intersects current consumer needs, create a hub on your website for this in-demand material. A content hub makes it easier for consumers to access your valuable information and positions you as an industry leader during this uncertain time.

Creating fresh, relevant content 

Make sure your content is relevant. No one saw a worldwide pandemic on the horizon so this might mean readjusting your marketing schedule a bit. Discover what people are searching for by checking out trending posts on Reddit and regularly consulting Exploding Topics for popular keyword searches.

Prioritizing highly relevant content 

Move relevant content to the top of your blog. Highlight it in your weekly emails and in your monthly newsletter. And you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. See if you can refresh and republish old content that may intersect current events and address people’s newfound concerns and needs.

As you engage your audience with fresh, relevant content, maintain your brand image and your integrity. Don’t play off of people’s fears – there’s enough fear-mongering out there already! Meet your audience where they’re at. Address their concerns, educate them about your product or service and how it can help them navigate this time and continue to provide the valuable content they’ve come to expect from your brand. A nimble marketing strategy generates referrals and creates lifelong customers.

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