From home haircuts to homeschooling, from TP to PJs and evvvvvvverything in between, these are some of our team’s favorite, most laugh-worthy quarantine memes. So put on some comfy clothes (oh wait,  they’re on), pull up a chair, pour yourself a dri- uh, a cup of coffee, and settle in for some funnies.

Passing on home haircut PTSD to the next generation.


But at least we’re in this together, right kids?…Kids?


Zoom meetings take self-discovery and team building to a whole new level.


Can I blame Carole Baskin for my lack of productivity today?


So in other words, we’re all saving some money on travel this year.


That should cover it.


Things are getting a little hairy on the home front.


Epic Pajama Fail 2020


Although 6′ isn’t far enough if there’s cookie dough in there. ?


On the other hand, maybe we’ll just stick to water. ?


Dogs ? – 1, Cats ? – 0


Oh, the irony.


This looks like an arbitrary Zoom meeting screenshot.


I actually feel bad for my car. Is that weird? ?


Same. ?


And fruit snacks are cheap!


We have important matters to discuss.


I knew it was going to come in handy one of these days!




I declined.


The independence I’ve been trying to foster is finally paying off.


Suckers! ?


I’m with you. ?


Um, moving on…


Hey, don’t judge. At least it’s not pajamas.


It’s all very confusing.


I didn’t think it was possible to hate grocery shopping even more.


Damn Karen.


I thought a stroll to the fridge was more like 10 steps?


When you can’t say anything nice, take your wife to the spa.


“We’ve got this.”
– Coffee


Sorry coffee, I’m seeing someone else…


Target.com really knows how to show some appreciation.


See? I can homeschool!


Too much of a good thing is too much of a good thing.


It would be helpful to know these things.


Age is beauty. Homeschooling is madness.


Er’ day at work.


Two-day shipping baby!


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