Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Your Unique Plan!

In order for us to determine which marketing channels to use and how to best position your business in a competitive marketplace, we need to get to know you. We need to understand who your ideal customer is, what differentiates your business from the competition and what value you bring to your customers. We also want to know your story and understand the passion behind the work you do.

Once we truly KNOW you, we can develop a strategy to help you surpass your goals. The beauty of starting with a strategy verses just recommending which social media channel to use or which marketing automation software to purchase means you won’t waste time and money on marketing that won’t work or isn’t right for you.

Here is what we’ll cover in our Marketing Strategy Kick-off Meeting:

      • Developing your buyer personas
      • Identifying your value proposition
      • Analyzing your current lead generation, sales and marketing processes
      • Reviewing your current marketing channels and their metrics
Marketing team working on an automation strategy