Sales Enablement

The process of providing the sales team with the information, content and tools they need to sell more effectively.


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Do any of these ring a bell for you or your sales team?




I’m having a hard time keeping track of my prospects because I don’t have a system or a CRM.

Clogged Pipeline?

Clogged Pipeline?

I’ve got so many leads sitting in my pipeline and I can’t seem to get them off the fence.

Spreadsheet Woes?

Spreadsheet Woes?

My Excel spreadsheet is no longer an effective way to monitor my sales team’s performance.

Want to Sell More?

Want to Sell More?

If only I could find a way to increase my conversion rates and sell more in less time…am I dreaming?

Reporting Wasted Time?

Wasting Time?

It is too time consuming to pull data from multiple places to create reports. 


Sales Collateral

Sellers Not Equipped?

My team doesn't have an easy and fast way to access sales collateral to share with prospects and clients.

Rest assured, my friend, no matter which statement resonates with you (even if all of them do…gulp 😮) we can help…and we’ll have fun doing it!



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You see, we have a super power that other agencies don’t have.



Imagine if you could combine the minds and skills of Plato (who was considered one of the best marketers of all time because he focused on educating his audiences to build movements), Joseph Samuel Girard (who holds the Guinness World Record for being the greatest salesman in the world, selling 13,001 cars at a Chevrolet dealership between 1963 and 1978) and Sergey Brin (the co-founder of Google)? It would be the ultimate trifecta, right? 

mind blown


Just imagine what you could accomplish if you had this trio working on your behalf!  


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Unfortunately, both Plato and Joseph have passed on and I’m guessing Sergey is probably too busy floating in his pool, counting his billions of dollars to help you fix your sales process or increase your conversion rate.

But the good news is, we’re here and we can help! 

While we wouldn’t necessarily put ourselves in the same category as these three legends, we do bring 22 years of marketing experience (Kari), 22 years of sales experience (Jen…awe cute, Jen & Kari are the same age) and 25 years of tech experience (Kevin, our token male) to the table.


 ...And like Vanilla Ice says, “If there’s a problem…yo, I’ll (or in this case, we’ll) solve it!”


vanilla ice


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Here are just a few ways our trifecta can help you and your sales team rock your sales…

 rock your salescropped

  • Develop buyer personas and buyer profiles to make sure your content marketing and sales materials attract qualified leads.

  • Set up your HubSpot CRM & HubSpot Sales so you can easily manage your pipeline.

  • Import and clean your data so you’re marketing to the right people.

  • Set up online scheduling to make it easier for prospects to engage with you.

  • Connect your email and CRM so you can see who’s opening your emails in real time (this is a game-changer folks!).

  • Develop sales-ready email templates so you can avoid wasting time trying to find the right thing to say at the right time (it kind of takes you back to your dating days doesn’t it?).

  • Set up reporting dashboards so you can view the analytics that mean the most to you and provide that info to the powers to be.

  • Train your team on how to use HubSpot’s proposals/quotes to save time and get signatures quickly.

  • Set up lead scoring so you know which leads to follow up with first.

  • Create sales materials to help convert prospects faster.

    The list goes on and on, but we don’t want to bore you with all of the details. At this point you’re probably wondering how in the halibut we do all of this. 

Here’s the method to our madness

Sales Enablement Method Graphics


Are you one of those, “I need to see it to believe it” types? 

We got you boo! Here are just a few examples of sales enablement pieces we’ve created and used within our clients’ sales processes.


Interested in learning more about sales enablement and how it can help you and your sales team rock your quotas this year? 

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Don’t worry, she doesn’t bite, and she doesn’t believe in high-pressure sales techniques either. She’s a lot of fun, incredibly knowledgeable, and she’s from Iowa (though we don’t hold that against her)...need I say more?

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