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13 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Your clients

13 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Your clients

The holidays are officially in full swing, and that means it’s time (or maybe past time) to start thinking about gifts. Not just for your family and friends — but for your clients as well. 

But choosing the perfect gift for your clients can be a difficult decision. Do you send them food? Gadgets? Branded merchandise? You want it to be unique, but not so unique that it seems random. No matter what you decide to send them, you want them to have this kind of reaction: 

“Wow, [Your Company Name] is so thoughtful. I feel great about my ongoing-decision to work with them!” 

With so many clients of our own, Wild Fig knows a thing or two about choosing the perfect holiday gift. To help you choose the best items for your own clients, we’ve come up with a list of gifts that are guaranteed to earn you brownie points.

Sweet & Savory Snacks

Mini Cupcakes ($37+)


Mini chocolates are always a delicious option, but why not shake it up this year and send your clients some mini premium cupcakes? Baked By Melissa has some holiday-specific cupcake boxes that are perfect for Christmas or Thanksgiving. These delectable treats are sure to have your clients feeling grateful to have you in their lives! 

Charcuterie Board Gift Set ($50)


Got a client who prefers savory to sweet? No problem! This Charcuterie Board Gift Set from Hickory Farms is the perfect way to say Happy Holidays. This type of gift is also perfect for the client who’s conscious of their dental health and wants to stay away from sugar, or for the client who just loves to snack. 

Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Whisky Tasting Set ($53)


Does your client love Succession? How about playing golf? If the answer is yes, then we’re gonna take a wild guess and say they’re into whisky. Send this client a high end bottle with a couple of branded glasses (so they think of you when they drink it!), or give them the gift of variety with a whisky tasting gift set. Now that’s a classy client holiday gift! 

Bottle of Wine in an Engraved Box ($51)


You really can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine as a client gift. But why not add a little extra thoughtfulness and send it in a custom-engraved box? You can choose to engrave their name to make it personal, or you can brand it with your company name and logo. This engraved wine box comes with four matching stainless steel tools, including a wine stopper, waiter's friend, aerator and cork saver. It also sports a satin-lined interior for a touch of elegance.

Hot Chocolate Bombs ($19)


Send your clients the gift of a cozy cup of hot chocolate with these hot chocolate bombs. Never heard of ‘em? Simply pour hot water over the chocolate cylinders and watch the chocolate melt into everyone’s favorite sweet drink. (And did we mention there are marshmallows hidden inside?) You can also choose to spruce this gift up with a cute company mug. 

Chai Box ($45)


Have you heard? Coffee is out and tea is in! We’re kidding of course – Wild Fig runs on coffee — but if your client is a tea lover and aficionado, consider sending them some comforting chai. This Chai + Biscuits Gift Set comes with two types of loose leaf chai, chocolate Bourbon biscuits, and a bottle of chai concentrate. This gift set has rave reviews, but The Chai Box has many more to choose from if you’d like to browse! 

Tech Savvy Gifts

Custom Tech Travel Bag ($27)


If your client is always on the go, this Custom Nomad Tech Travel Bag will help them stay organized in their travels. Made to store wires, power banks, watches, flash drives, headphones, and any other small gadget that could get lost otherwise, this bag is the perfect gift for the jet-setting client or the adventure junkie. It's also customizable, meaning you can brand it with either your company name and logo or your client’s! 

Mug Warmer ($29)


Nothing’s better than a steaming mug of your favorite winter drink. Help your client’s beverage stay warm all day long with this Winter Wonderland Mug Warmer Gift Set. Not only is this tech-savvy gift incredibly useful, but it’s also adorably seasonal, making it the perfect gift for the holidays! 

Desktop Vacuum Cleaner ($31)


Does your client appreciate cuteness? Then they’re sure to love this teeny tiny desktop vacuum cleaner. This gadget not only scores a 10/10 on the cuteness scale, but it can also easily suck up crumbs and other tabletop debris from your desktop, keyboard, and drawers. You can even personalize it with your message and design of choice! 

Phone Charger & Desk Organizer ($25)


Made from sustainable bamboo, this Phone Charger & Desk Organizer functions as both a platform for your most important desk items and a cord-free charging pad. It’s the perfect gift for that hyper organized client who appreciates sleek, functional design. And it comes with an encouraging message engraved in the wood, giving it an extra special touch.


Customized Notebook + Pens ($37+)


One can never have too many notebooks, especially when you’re running a business! Papier has some beautiful notebook designs to choose from, plus most designs allow you to easily customize the cover for your client. Add some sophisticated pens on the side because, well, you can never have too many of those, either!

Novelty Socks ($12+)


Want to help keep your client warm this winter and make them chuckle? Send your client a pair or two of novelty socks that sport designs related to their business! For example, if you were sending Wild Fig a pair (hint hint, nudge nudge) we’d love these fig socks. No pressure! 

Interesting and Relevant Book ($10+)


Now if you want to be really professional and thoughtful, send your client a book that’s related to their industry. Not just any book (like sending Accounting for Dummies to your CPA client) but a book that’s nuanced and interesting — something they’d actually want to read. It’s also a good idea to send them a little note with the book, telling them how it made you think of them. Bonus points if you can point out a chapter that you’d love to hear their thoughts on!

Final Thoughts

No matter which gifts you choose to send this year, make sure they match the tone of your company and make sense for the kind of relationship you keep with your clients. When sending client gifts, the goal is always to appear thoughtful, kind, and of course, professional. (But if there’s opportunity for a laugh, don’t be afraid to take it!)

From all of us at Wild Fig Marketing, we sincerely hope you enjoy this holiday season! For more fun tips and to stay up to date on all things marketing, sign up for our Figgy newsletter or subscribe to our blog! 

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