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Be Creative and Get Your Prospect's Attention

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During this chaotic time, people are more stressed and distracted so you have to work harder to get your prospect’s attention. This means drawing from your creative well to come up with outside-the-box ideas you can incorporate into your company’s communication. Let’s take a look at how you can do this via three main communication touchpoints: emails, sales meetings and content.

Elevate your email game

use creative emails to get your prospect's attentionDo you ever feel like your inbox is one big garbage heap and you have to sift through a bunch of junk to find the important stuff? So do your prospects. Take your emails to the next level by incorporating GIFs, video messages and other clever or witty content to stand out from other businesses trying to solicit your prospect’s attention.

In addition to a well-crafted subject line that encourages people to open your email, here are some great ideas:

Include GIFs

Use gifs to get your prospect's attentionWe can go back and forth about how to pronounce them (Does GIF start with a hard “G” or a soft “G”?) but if you have a pulse, we think you’ll agree that a well-placed GIF is worth a thousand words. Add one of these puppies to your email and increase your response rate. At Wild Fig, we’ve had great success with these friendly little files. Plus, they make sending prospect emails a whole lot of fun!

Include a video

A study by Martech Advisor reveals that including video content in your email can increase click rates by a whopping 300%! Not taking advantage of this enormous asset, at least periodically, is shortsighted at best. And don’t overcomplicate things. It can be a simple video taken on your smartphone. Show your product “in the field” so your prospect can easily envision how it can work for them. Be sure to include the word “video” in your subject line and include a thumbnail of the video in your email so it captures the attention it deserves!

Take a witty approach

Stand Out Subject LinesWhen was the last time you received a sales email that actually made you laugh out loud? Let’s be honest. The vast majority of sales emails are lackluster at best…and tacky at worst. Clearly, this is an area where every company can stand to improve. Next time you compose an email to one of your prospects, leverage the “boring norm” to your advantage and poke fun at sales emails. A witty approach will certainly jar your prospect out of their sales-email-induced-coma and will leave them with a distinct impression of your business. Maybe this company isn’t like every other company. Maybe they have something truly unique to offer.

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When you go the extra mile to make your emails memorable, you not only provide value but you also demonstrate creative outside-the-box thinking. This helps pique your prospect’s interest in your company and the way you do business and it’s one great way to encourage them to engage with your unique brand.

Rock your prospect’s socks off at your next sales meeting

Buy your prospect coffee!Maybe you can’t take a prospect to coffee or lunch in the traditional sense right now but you can host a virtual coffee or lunch meeting. Get creative and send your prospect a virtual Caribou or Starbucks gift card and invite them to a virtual meeting over a cup of joe. Or consider utilizing Uber Eats to deliver lunch to your prospect and host a virtual lunch meeting. If you’re looking to encourage prospects who are reeling from the devastating effects of COVID-19, Send Out Cards allows you to send personalized cards and gifts—an easy way to encourage someone across the miles…or just across town.

Craft killer content that people actually want to read

craft content people want to read!Your prospects and customers are hungry for valuable information that addresses their pain points and helps them grow their businesses. (Probably the same reason you’re reading this post right now!) Create content in the form of blogs, ebooks, guides and checklists and encourage your sales team to utilize them to get in front of your prospects. These pieces of content can be shared as articles on LinkedIn to increase your credibility and help establish trust. You can also add pop-ups to your website and invite website visitors to give their contact information in exchange for these valuable resources.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to break through the “noise” and provide value for your prospects at every turn. With attention-grabbing emails and valuable content, your sales team will increase their number of leads and get more sales appointments on the calendar. But it doesn’t stop there. By running creative sales meetings, you can continue to warm up your leads and move them through the sales funnel.

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