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Client FAQs: What Your Marketing Team Wants You to Know!

Client FAQs: What Your Marketing Team Wants You to Know!

Lots of people see marketing as a switch that you can flip “on” and suddenly have a line of new customers out the door. But the truth is, digital marketing is a multi-faceted, nuanced process that’s not always intuitive! This creates fertile ground for important questions.

And as your trusty marketing team, we don’t want to leave you hanging! We surveyed each of our team members — from our hard-working Marketing Coordinators, to our creative Content Writers, to our awesome Tech Team —  to find out which questions they’re most often asked by clients. 

Read on to see how our team answers your most burning questions! 

Social Media Marketing FAQs




Q: Do I really need to post social media content every month? 

A: Yes, if you want to get the highest ROI for your social media efforts. Having a consistent posting cadence is the best way to reach new potential customers on your social platforms. Consistent posting shows your business to be helpful, friendly, and reliable — all of which helps customers build trust with and eventually purchase from you! - Jen, VP of Opportunities

Q: I'm active on my social media account... Why aren't I seeing any leads?

A: You might be focusing too much on social media and not enough on other marketing aspects. While it’s definitely a key part of any marketing strategy, no business is going to see major success from social media alone. Social media is most effective when it’s in a supporting role to other facets of digital marketing, such as blogging, email campaigns, events, webinars, etc. (Think of social media like a loudspeaker announcing all of your marketing efforts to your followers!) - Katarina, Marketing Coordinator

Q: Why does my MC want to add personal, fun, or “fluffy” social media posts into my company’s social media calendar?

A: Because it’s social media — its purpose is to create real human connections! When you can show that you’re humans, too, convincing people to connect with you becomes much easier. These posts can and should still be in your company’s “voice”... They’re just showing the human side of your organization. - Kari, Chief Creative Officer

Q: What’s something easy I can do to get more traction with my LinkedIn marketing? 

A: Ever heard of "reverse prospecting"? It’s a little LinkedIn lead generation strategy we find to be pretty effective. A few times a week, check to see who’s viewed your profile and request to connect with them. They’ve already shown interest in your company and might be good prospects or referral partners. (For more fancy lead generation tips on LinkedIn check out this blog we wrote.)  - Kari, Chief Creative Officer

Content Marketing FAQs



Q: How much time does it take to approve marketing content from your team?

A: Approving content and other deliverables from WFM should take less than an hour each month. For the first couple months of working with us, it might take a bit longer as you become familiar with our process. But once we get into a groove, it shouldn’t take much time at all! - Jen, VP of Opportunities

Q: Why is my Marketing Coordinator/Content Writer asking for so much information?

A: Communication is the key ingredient to the success of our partnership! The more information a client can provide us with, the better (and quicker) we can learn to sound like you and accurately represent you when creating marketing materials. Any information you give us will help us write, edit, and brainstorm new content that you’ll love. - Sondra, Marketing Coordinator

Q: My Content Writer wants to interview me for a blog… What should I expect? 

A: Blog interviews are meant to be fun and informative! Your Content Writer will provide you with interview questions beforehand, so you can prepare by reading them before the interview. Tangents are fun and can add value to blogs, but not too many, please; your Content Writer only has so much time to get the necessary information. Last but not least, relax! Your Content Writer is on your side and will make you look good.  - Allie, Content Writer

Q: How can I speed up the content review process? 

A: We aim to respond to any edits and feedback within 48 hours. If you’re finding that the review process is taking longer than that, it could be that your team is too focused on making minor edits and changes to content. (While editing is important for clarity, most minor changes don’t actually improve audience engagement. Spending too much time picking apart content will hurt your ROI!) Instead of getting lost in the details, challenge your team to start prioritizing progress over perfection when it comes to the content review process. - Kari, Chief Creative Officer

Q: What’s with these super long blogs? 

A: Google prioritizes longer blogs these days because its goal is to give searchers as much helpful information as possible. If Google thinks your blog is helpful, then the algorithm is going to let more people find it organically through search (...and that’s SEO, in a nutshell). For example, a 1,500-word blog will get significantly more organic engagement than a 300-word blog. - Jamie, Senior Content Writer

Q: What is SEO and what does it have to do with my business?

A: SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization,” refers to the process of improving your website to increase your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs), thereby helping new customers find you online. At Wild Fig, we incorporate SEO strategy into blogging by using popular, relevant keywords within your blogs to attract people who may be interested in your services. - Allie, Content Writer

Q: Why do my blogs have to include links to other websites? 

A: External links (AKA backlinks) are important for both your content and SEO strategy. Backlinking allows you to cite your sources within a blog, showing users that your information is well-researched. It also demonstrates to Google’s web crawlers that your blog is credible and helpful, which improves your SEO. - Jamie, Senior Content Writer

Q: But won’t backlinks take readers away from my website?

A: Not if you configure all links to open in a separate window! We want to keep your readers on your blog for as long as possible, so our MCs will always include this feature when posting your blog content.  - Allie, Content Writer

Email Marketing FAQs



Q: Isn’t sending a newsletter once a month a bit too much? 

A: Nope! Once a month is the minimum sending cadence we’d recommend to keep you top of mind with your customers and prospects. Plus… You never know when your customer will be ready to buy, and if you only send an email quarterly you’d miss out on several opportunities. - Kari, Chief Creative Officer

Q: How do I get more email addresses to send my newsletter to?

A: There are soooo many ways (we’ve got a whole blog with 25 ways to build your email list organically). Start by creating attractive lead magnets that ask for users’ email addresses in exchange for helpful content (like an ebook, course, or webinar). It’s also helpful to manually add referral partners’ and prospects’ email addresses to your list as you find them. - Jen, VP of Opportunities

Q: Why do I need to have a 3rd party article in my newsletter? Shouldn’t it all be focused on our own content/products/services?

A: Providing 3rd party content in your newsletters is a critical strategy to keep your readers engaged! (This is especially true if they just bought your product and likely won’t need to buy again for several months.) This external content provides value to the reader, positions your newsletter as a wealth of information, and ultimately gives folks a reason to keep opening your emails. - Kari, Chief Creative Officer

Q: What am I supposed to do with these email marketing metrics my MC sends me? 

A: Transform that raw data into lead generating opportunities! For example: Log into your email marketing platform, download a list of all the people who clicked a certain link, and then send those folks a follow up email with useful content. This content could be a guide or ebook related to the link they clicked, or maybe a special offer on that item they clicked. Or, you could simply ask if those folks have any questions around whatever it is they clicked on! - Amy, Creative Director/Marketing Coordinator

Q: Which KPIs does my MC use to measure our email marketing strategy’s success? 

A: We measure a lot of things to determine whether or not your email marketing efforts are successful. These include Click-Through Rate, Open Rate Conversion Rate, Bounce Rate, Unsubscribe Rate… The list goes on. (For an in depth look at these KPIs, check out our blog about email marketing metrics!) - Amy, Creative Director/Marketing Coordinator

Q: Why do I need to worry about the quality of my email list? 

A: A low quality email list = delivery problems. If you don’t have a good list to send to, your emails will bounce and your reputation as a sender will be damaged. After too many bounces, your ability to send emails will be restricted or suspended! This is because most email marketing platforms don't want to be associated with accounts that recipients repeatedly flag as spam. - Katarina, Marketing Coordinator

Q: How do I keep my email list clean to improve deliverability? 

Keeping your email list clean and updated, also known as email scrubbing, is important to avoid the aforementioned delivery problems. To start, remove the following email addresses from your list: duplicate email addresses, spam email addresses (look for weird letter/number combinations), unsubscribed addresses, and all email addresses you may have bought in the past (they’re doing nothing for you, trust us).  - Amy, Creative Director/Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Platform/Technology FAQs



Q: I've imported my contacts, I've sent an email... What else can my marketing platform do?

A: Depending on your business and marketing strategy, you may want to leverage your investment to perform functions like these:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Conditional Sending
  • Marketing Funnel Automation
  • Dynamic Marketing Promotions
  • Drip Campaigns and Warming up Cold Leads
  • Business Process Automation
  • Calendar Invitations and Capturing Missed Leads
  • Lead Capture - Re-Market to Lost or Dropped Leads
  • Software Integrations
  • Sales Process Automation
  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Temperature

…And the list goes on. Keep an eye out for a future blog that goes into more detail about these features! - Kevin, Chief Propeller Head

Q: How do I tie all these systems together so I have a single source or truth?

We encourage our clients to identify a single source of truth and determine the best ways to integrate their business platforms (software). That means avoiding entering customer contact info and other sensitive information in multiple places. This ensures that there aren't duplicate, missing, or outdated records. - Kevin, Chief Propeller Head

Review FAQs



Q: Are reviews really that important? 

A: Yes. People research everything before they buy these days, and you can bet they’re doing research about you. And, if you happen to get a bad review, it is super helpful to already have a bunch of good reviews to offset it. (For more info + a free review template, check out this blog we wrote!) - Jen, VP of Opportunities

Q: How do I get more positive reviews? 

A: The best way to solicit more reviews is to simply ask for them! Follow a consistent strategy of asking for a review right after you finish a project, service, or job that your customer is happy with. If your customer bought a product, then create an email campaign that’s triggered by the purchase to send a week after the purchase. This email can solicit a review and see how your customer is enjoying the product. - Jen, VP of Opportunities

General Marketing FAQs



Q: How soon should I expect results from my marketing efforts? 

A: You will start to see “wins” within the very first quarter of working with Wild Fig Marketing. The results that will have the most impact on your business, however, are going to come from long-term consistency. Author Allan Dibs says, "Marketing is the strategy you use for getting your ideal target market to know you, like you, and trust you enough to become a customer." Building that trust takes time! - Sondra, Marketing Coordinator

Q: What if my Marketing Coordinator or Content Writer makes a mistake?

A: We're all humans here — just like you, just like your customers! Mistakes will happen, and when they do, they can be acknowledged and fixed in a way that’s respectful to everyone. Our goal is not perfection, because perfection is unrealistic; our goal is to add value to your business, just like you add value to your customer’s lives. - Sondra, Marketing Coordinator

Q: Does my Marketing Coordinator/Content Writer/Marketing Team actually care about my business? 

A: Of course!! We care very much about the work we do, we are the most happy when we know we’ve been able to make a difference in our clients’ businesses. We put in many hours of preparation and strategizing into each month’s deliverables, and see your wins as our wins! - Sondra, Marketing Coordinator

Got More Questions? We’ve Got Answers! 

Our clients mean the world to us, so thank you for being an incredible part of the Wild Fig Marketing family! Our team is always here to tackle any questions that you may have. Seriously, we love a good challenge. (And who knows, your question just might end up in our next FAQ blog!) To keep up with the latest marketing trends and stay ahead of the game, be sure to subscribe to our Figgy Blog where we dive into new marketing topics weekly! 

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